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Fernando Ocana
Sonic Movement
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Fernando Ocana

Company: Sonic Movement
Title: Co-Founder
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: focana

Having spent his early car design years at Saab and McLaren, [Fernando Ocaña](http://cargocollective.com/fernandoocana/SONIC-MOVEMENT) went on to direct Think, the Norwegian electric car brand, through a strategy developed upon the study of transportation in the context of a digital age; and the challenges implied in the shift from product-manufacturing to service-providing. After being appointed Creative Director at Semcon in 2012, Fernando led the Swedish engineering and design consultancy into the development of research concepts aiming to intersect cutting-edge technology with emergent social, cultural and political phenomena. Sonic Movement, the team’s collaboration with sonic art duo Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, has had a recent impact on the European Parliament’s vote for electric vehicle pedestrian safety. His work has been described by the international media as “unique, philosophical, even poetic” (Eliza Williams, Creative Review) and as “crazy talk that could turn our cities into symphony” (Jarvis Cocker, BBC Radio). An interest for transportation as a platform for cultural debate and a passion for design to impact beyond aesthetics has earned Fernando recognition amongst urban development groups and a mention in Wallpaper Magazine’s article “The fresh and fabulous forward thinkers who will change design forever”. Born and raised in Mexico City (1986), Fernando Ocaña has lived and worked in Barcelona, Turin, London, Oslo, Munich and Gothenburg. He holds a degree in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art.