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Fernando Sulichin
Film Producer
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Fernando Sulichin

Company: Film Producer
Title: .
Location: ., Italy
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Fernando Sulichin was born in Argentina, and initially trained as an architect. In 1996 he was selected as one of the Hollywood Reporter's "Top Ten Talents to Watch" after producing Abel Ferrara's The Addiction. Since then, he has developed projects with talents such as Sean Penn, Marlon Brando and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. His work as a film producer includes: Larry Clark's critically acclaimed Bully, Love Liza, Spun, Commandante and Looking for Fidel, Oliver Stone's intimate portrait of Fidel Castro, and Personan Non Grata, Stone's take on the Middle Eastern conflict. Sulichin co-produced Spike Lee's Malcolm X and She Hate Me (2003), and served as executive producer for Oliver Stone's Alexander The Great. In 2005 he set up Central Films, producing Mary (Jury's Prize, Venice Film Festival) and co-producing the multi-Oscar winning Babel directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu. Fernando's current projects include I Come with the Rain (post production) and Pericle Il Nero, a prequel to the 1990 film King of New York (1990) centering on a powerful drug lord's rise to power in the 1970s. Moreover Fernando is a Jury member of TheCrane.tv's video competition. Launching in March 2009, TheCrane.tv is the first online video magazine - a showcase of worldwide happenings in art, design, lifestyle, architecture, fashion, ecology and culture devoted to fostering creative talents.