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Florian Holsboer
HMNC Brain Health
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Florian Holsboer

Company: HMNC Brain Health
Title: CEO
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Science

Florian Holsboer, MD, PhD studied chemistry and medicine and specialized in psychiatry. He was chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of Freiburg before he got appointed to chair the Max-Planck-Institute of Psychiatry in Munich. After 25 years at helm, he left the Institute to become CEO of HMNC, a pharmaceutical company that he founded together with C. Maschmeyer in 2010. Dr. Holsboer is a leading scientist in the fields of depression and anxiety. He was one of the first to advocate that depression therapy must be based on individual causal mechanisms, and is considered the founder of personalized depression therapy. Recently, he showed that gene variations exist that determine whether antidepressant drugs a capable to enter the brain, offering the first gene-based laboratory test that informs the clinician about adequacy of treatment. Authoring almost 1.000 scientific articles, Dr. Holsboer is among the most highly cited neuroscientists worldwide. He has received honorary degrees from the universities of Leiden (Holland) and Zürich and numerous public honors and scientific awards.