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Frank Kühne
Adalbert Raps Stiftung
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Frank Kühne

Company: Adalbert Raps Stiftung
Title: Chairman of the Advisory Board
Location: Kulmbach, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service, Social

Frank Alexander Kühne is shareholder and chairman of the Bavarian food ingredients supplier RAPS, as well as chairman of the ADALBERT RAPS Foundation, which are both linked to his family background. Fifteen years ago, he took over the business from his father and guided it towards internationalization, growth, and innovation. RAPS is considered to be one of the leading savoury ingredients companies in Europe.

2014 he was asked to manage the local charity and research foundation ADALBERT RAPS. Since then the foundation refocused on social impact initiatives, e.g. "Kulinarix", "Helden der Heimat", "Social Entrepreneurship Camp" and "Blue Eyed".

Furthermore, he addressed the concerning descent of local meat craftsmanship in Europe. Therefore, he founded "Trüffeljagd" a change management approach program for dying butchery businesses, to which almost 200 companies have attended up to the present day.

On top of this the foundation funds in average 15 university research projects per year in the area of the origin of our food, the underlying analytics, the development of bioactive substances to preserve food, meat substitutes and fundamental sustainability issues of the food supply chain.

Additionally, Frank is engaged in a handful of food tech startup ranging from growing to processing food, analytics and replacing existing foods.