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Frederike Petzschner
ETH & University of Zurich
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Frederike Petzschner

Company: ETH & University of Zurich
Title: Senior Research Fellow
Fields of operation: Science

Dr. Frederike Petzschner is a young neuroscientist at the [ETH](https://www.ethz.ch/de.html) and [University of Zurich](http://www.uzh.ch/de.html) working in the field of Computational Psychiatry.
Frederike has a background in Physics, where she obtained a Master of Honors degree. She then moved on to study human perception of space and time during her PhD in Neuroscience at the LMU Munich, graduating both programs of the Bavarian Elite Network with the highest possible distinction. Her current work at the Translational Neuromodeling Unit focusses on brain-body-interactions and decision-making. She specifically uses brain imaging techniques in combination with mathematical modelling to apply her findings to psychiatric disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Gambling Addiction and Mood Disorders, working in close collaboration with research institutes in Cambridge, Lisbon, New York and London.
Besides her academic interests, Frederike is a passionate skier and mountaineer and a board member of the WEF Global Shapers Zurich.