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Gabo Arora
United Nations
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Gabo Arora

Company: United Nations
Title: Creative Director & Senior Advisor
Location: New York , United States
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Social
Twitter: gaboarora

Gabo Arora is a Creative Director & Senior Advisor at the United Nations; Founder & CEO of LightShed, a virtual reality and social impact start-up; and an award-winning filmmaker represented by Vrse.works. His work focuses on new technologies that promote social causes and make decision-making processes more inclusive. Among these projects is a viral video campaign for the recent climate change summit in Paris, and various collaborations with internet influencers to promote accountability on global humanitarian aid assistance. His most recent work was as a co-creator, director and producer of the UN's first-ever virtual reality film series focusing on vulnerable populations, which has screened at Sundance and other major film festivals. He is a World Economic Forum Arts and Cultural leader at Davos and a term-member at the Council on Foreign Relations.
A native New Yorker, Gabo also holds honors degrees with distinction from NYU and Johns Hopkins University. His work has been covered widely in the New York Times, the Guardian, Vice News, Wired, NPR and PBS Newshour.