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Gal Hirsch
IDF's Depth Command
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Gal Hirsch

Company: IDF's Depth Command
Title: Deputy Commander (Active Reserve)

Brigadier General (Res.) Gal Hirsch is the Deputy Commander (Active Reserve) of the IDF's Depth Command, as well as the Founder and Chairman of Defensive-Shield Holdings Ltd. He has served in various commanding positions in Anti-Terror, Commando and paratroopers units and is experienced within the fields of Counter Terrorism, Counter Insurgency and Guerilla warfare.
BG Hirsch Commanded the 91st division, responsible for Israel’s northern border, (2005-2007). He commanded the IDF’s Officers Academy (2003-2005). Served as Chief of Operations at IDF's Central Command (J-3), and led all IDF’s counter- terror activities during that turbulent period (1997-2003). He was badly injured by terrorists ambush while serving as Chief of operations of Central Combat Regional Division (G-3), recovered 12 month in hospital and returned to command the Regional, multi forces (Benjamin) Brigade.
Before that he served as Commander of the Elite Air Force Unit “Shaldag”-“Kingfisher” (1993-1996). During 1982-1994 he served as NCO and a Fighting Trooper within the Paratroopers Reconnaissance Unit, in which he had also various commanding roles (1984-1993), includes platoon leader, company commander and paratrooper's battalion commander. He graduated from Bar-Ilan University, receiving a BA in Mid-Eastern studies (with honors), and holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University.