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Georges Kern
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Georges Kern

Company: IWC
Title: Managing Director
Location: Schaffenhausen, China
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Georges A. Kern is Chief Executive Officer of International Watch Co. At the beginning of 2002 and ten years after he put on his first IWC, he was appointed as the new CEO. Born in 1965 to the renowned Düsseldorf jeweller, René Kern, he grew up in a home with two languages - a French father and a German mother. He was surrounded by the world of jewellery, gems and luxury watches. After his youth on the Rhine, he studied politics in Strasbourg and then business management in Swiss St. Gallen. As a young sales and marketing manager in the central office of Kraft Jacobs Suchard in Neuenburg, he was responsible for the distribution of foodstuffs and enjoyment foods such as coffee and chocolate. A rather short episode, followed in 1992 by his first job in the watch industry with TAG Heuer, where he coordinated the marketing and built up a worldwide distribution network.