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Gilad Novik
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Gilad Novik

Company: Lakestar
Title: Partner
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Investor, Digital, Technology
Twitter: novikg

Gilad joined Lakestar as a partner in 2018. He brings more than 20 years of experience in investing, product management and technology innovation. With significant European, US and Asian experience, Gilad has a world-class reputation in the technology, telecommunication and internet worlds, with special access to global key networks in academia and research institutes. Before Lakestar, Gilad acted as CTO at Horizons Ventures. For six years, he successfully identified and engaged with all of Horizon’s investment activities, winning some of the key tech deals in recent years in the US and Europe. Notable investment exits include Waze, Onavo, Summly, Ginger, DeepMind, Misfit, Humin and Hola. Earlier, Gilad worked with the Hutchison Group for 10 years on senior strategy, innovation and research roles in Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and San Francisco. Gilad holds degrees in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA. He is a member of the Technion University Board of Governors and was ranked among the “Top 100 influencers in Israeli Hi-Tech” in 2015.