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Heidi Messer
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Heidi Messer

Company: Collective[i]
Title: Chairwoman and Co-Founder
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: heidimesser

Ms. Heidi Messer has been an active entrepreneur and investor in the digital economy since the commercialization of the Internet. She currently serves as Co-founder and Chairman of Collective[i]™. Collective[i]™ is a cloud-based business intelligence platform designed to transform the enormous inflow of structured and unstructured data into a business and marketing asset producing analytical insights that are accessible enterprise wide. Specifically, Collective[i]™ integrates disparate data sources for analysis of all available data in one place and in real time. Ms. Messer is also Co-founder and CEO of World Evolved, a platform for global investment and expansion. In addition, she has invested in and advises numerous startups.