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Helen Fisher
Rutgers University
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Helen Fisher

Company: Rutgers University
Title: Research Scholar
Location: New York CIty, United States
Fields of operation: Science, Education
Twitter: DrHelenFisher

Helen Fisher, PhD, is a Research Scholar, Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University. She studies gender differences in the brain, romantic love, marriage, adultery, divorce, temperament, mate choice and business personality styles Her books include: WHY HIM? WHY HER?; WHY WE LOVE; THE FIRST SEX; ANATOMY OF LOVE; and THE SEX CONTRACT, all published in several languages. Recent lectures include: The World Economic Forum (Davos), TED, The Aspen Institute, Harvard Medical School, The United Nations, The Smithsonian, 2012 International meeting of the G20, and the Salk Institute. Recent articles in: PLoSOne, Journal of Neurophysiology, and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, and in books published by MIT Press, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Yale University Press. Since l983 Dr. She is currently Chief Scientific Advisor to Match.com. For her work in communicating anthropology to the lay public, Helen received the American Anthropological Association's "Distinguished Service Award."