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Henrik Sprengel
Grupo HS3
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Henrik Sprengel

Company: Grupo HS3
Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Fields of operation: Life & Health, Start-up

Dr. Henrik Sprengel is co-founder and managing partner of [Grupo HS3](http://www.hs3.biz/en/) and co-founder of [Kalapa Holding](http://www.kalapaholding.com/). Grupo HS3 is a Barcelona-based company builder and incubator for the implementation of innovative business ideas. After his PhD in law Henrik worked as a lawyer in an international law firm, but soon decided to join an internet start-up in Berlin. Prior to his engagement for Bertelsmann in international projects in Germany, China and Spain, he accomplished a MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapur. He was then responsible for the launch of parship.com in Spain. Within his involvement in Grupo HS3, he has been an active board member in companies like H2A Ventures, Cooltra.com, IQElite.com, CV-Coach.com, LaVietnamita.com, and more.