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Herrmann Ude
DHL Global Forwarding, Freight
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Herrmann Ude

Company: DHL Global Forwarding, Freight
Title: CEO
Location: Cologne, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Hermann Ude was appointed CEO of [DHL](http://www.deutschepost.de/dpag?tab=1&skin=hi&check=yes&lang=de_EN&xmlFile=828) Global Forwarding, Freight and Corporate Board member of Deutsche Post AG in March 2008. He is responsible for combined revenues of around 13 bn €. Prior to this, Hermann held the position of CEO DHL Freight from 2006. Hermann began his career with DPWN as Director Corporate Organization in 1998. In this capacity he worked on a number of large scale restructuring and reorganization projects. In 2001, he became Director Corporate Office, leading the staff department of the Group CEO. He was responsible for a number of large Projects namely the premerger integration workstream for the acquisition of EXEL. In 2005 he became global Group sponsor for the First Choice Program - the groupwide 6 sigma initiative. He is a Business Administration graduate (Universities of Kiel and Mannheim) and has previously worked as a Management Consultant.