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Ilya Buts
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Ilya Buts

Company: Billboard
Title: Head of Editotial
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Fields of operation: Other

Editor-in-chief of Billboard Russian Edition since 2008, Ilya first came in touch with music professionally in Germany as a bass player of a local band with a contract on a small label. Following the return to Russia, he has got his second university degree in music management and started working as an international A&R for the mid-sized label "Style Records" later becoming the Head of International department. During his years on Style Ilya has worked with top international producers and video directors while making records and shooting videos for Style's artists. He also has licenced and discovered several top international independent acts for the release in Russia. His big A&R success was signing Jay Sean's record, whose single "Ride It" became one of the top aired in 2008 in Russia. Style Records was the first label in the world to sign Jay, who eventually got his N°1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2008 Ilya started heading Billboard Russia, a licensed publication about popular music, charts and music business.