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Irene Brime
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Irene Brime

Company: CashShield
Title: European Managing Director and Co-Founder
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Digital, Technology

Irene is the European Managing Director and co-founder of CashShield, a global online fraud management solution that helps enterprises manage their risk from fraudulent payments and accounts. Uniquely powered by high-frequency trading algorithms, combined with real-time pattern recognition and passive biometric analytics, CashShield is the world's first and only full-machine automated solution that functions without any human involvement. In her role, Irene oversees the European team, which is committed to help enterprises transit their payments and fraud detection policies out of traditional legacy systems towards newer age machine automated solutions.

Irene holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation & Interpreting by Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid. Not willing to spend her professional life as a conference interpreter, she completed a Master’s Program in International Relations, and developed a career in global marketing. When CashShield crossed her path more than seven years ago, Irene joined the pioneering team and lent her expertise for business development and marketing. In her time at CashShield, the opportunities to prove that algorithms are friends to be trusted for business survival to companies are what she enjoys most.

An avid reader and a self-confessed language freak, Irene spends her free time discovering Berlin on her roller blades and trying to train her Mandarin.