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Jala El Jazairi
Board of Foreigners & Refugee
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Jala El Jazairi

Company: Board of Foreigners & Refugee
Title: Member
Location: Potsdam, Germany
Fields of operation: Social

Jala El Jazairi was born in Algiers (Algeria), lived and studied in Damaskus (Syria) and became a Master of Laws there. In her academic career she concerned herself with international law, cooperating with Paris University. Over the course of the five following years she did translation work for UNICEF. After she served in the Mexican Consulate Syria and was legal counselor in an Arab law firm for international contracts thereupon. Apart from her occupation Jala El Jazairi is member of the foundation of Emir Emir Abd-el-Kader for Heritage and Culture. Since 1998 she contributed to the foundation with holding several seminars. Besides she committed herself to different social projects, particularly protection against sex and gender based violence or to an UNHCR project for refugees in cooperation with SWU. Especially the Syrian crisis decided her to take a stand for local community empowerment for dialogue and conflict resolution. Whilst the political situation didn´t relax, Jala EL Jazairi went to Potsdam (Germany). There she is member of one of the workgroups on writing proposals of negotiation between the main acting parties in the Syrian conflict for Geneva UN committee. Since 2014 she is also member of the board of foreigners and refugee in Potsdam and counselor in a project for refugee integration and refugee housing. Jala El Jazairi stands up for the migration of refugees and suppressed minorities while she had the same fate when she came from Syria.