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James S. Turley
Ernst & Young
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James S. Turley

Company: Ernst & Young
Title: Chairman and CEO
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service
Twitter: JamesSTurley

"Mindsets only get you so far" is the core message of James S. Turley of Ernst & Young. You can think of the women as the "third billion" - not just India and China - to grasp the impact of this group. Leadership though is essential: "Truly divers team are rarely middle of the road, they are off the charts great, or they suck. It comes down to how effective the team works together and how leadership is capable of managing these teams." Making this rich mix requires to be prepared for the future, and this also may require a change in the whole culture of your country. He shares the example of speaking in the Middle East, where most of the women where attenting out of sight of the main stage. Being asked about how he thought about the issue, he made strong statement for diversity and including the women in the workforce - while wondering if when going from the stage he would be taken to prison or something similar. Instead the moderator was grateful "we needed to hear this" and he received messages right away on his mobile phone from colleagues, who had heard directly about this. Being in a connected world also means that even if you are behind a curtain and closed off - if you find your way to participate and to speak up, you will over time succeed in getting the message out. And this also includes being persistent everyhwere. "We all need to push and we need to lead in each of our own culture."