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Jamie Seidl-Curtis
Jolly Jay & H-to-O
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Jamie Seidl-Curtis

Company: Jolly Jay & H-to-O
Title: Artist
Location: -Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Entertainment

JollyJay & H2O is an anglo-german hip hop crew currently living in Berlin. With a nomadic base somewhere between Munich, London, Brighton, Reading and Berlin the two have been selling their home-made mix-tapes on the streets of Berlin over the past couple of years. In late July 2010 their debut album ‘Scattered Colours on the Rubkis Cube’ was released just in time for a 39 Day Road trip from Berlin to Casablanca in which they set off with two mates, a car, and only their album and merchandise T-shirts as currency to get them down to Africa. ‘Scattered Colours on the Rubiks Cube’ was created together with their DJ/ Producer Doe Diggla, who teamed up with JollyJay & H2O in 2009, in their home studio in Berlin and includes collaborations with producers and features from Africa, Europe and America. Since 2010 JollyJay has started battling in the UK’s battle league- Don’t Flop, winning both his battles at the international battle event- Blood in the Water. However, JollyJay & HtoO are far more than just “battle punch-line MC’s.” Their lyrics range from abstract poetry, to storytelling, humor, irony and social criticism accompanied by diverse beats which lead from jazzy chill-out loops to contemporary fast paced hip-hop rhythms. The two are always on the look-out to bring their listeners something new and interesting. For their album, this quest led them to collaborate with JollyJay’s sister, the soul singer Bajka, and now for DLD they have something new in store! Doe Diggla and the two MC's will be teaming up with Berlin’s Marc Miethe who will be joining the crew with the oldest wind instrument known to man, the Digeridoo. Being one of Europe's leading Didgeridoo pioneers, since 1992, Marc has liberated his Didge from its classical image of being an “accompanying drone instrument” into a modern clash of beat-box and live loops. Be prepared to be blown away with this fusion of old and new! For more information check visit the website: www.DontLetTheLabelLabelYou.com