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Jane Zavalishina
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Jane Zavalishina

Company: Yandex
Title: CEO Yandex Data Factory
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: janetgmsk

Jane is CEO of [Yandex Data Factory](http://yandexdatafactory.com/), a new Yandex initiative aimed to utilize Yandex’s data processing technologies and capabilities outside their core applications and markets. Before taking up the leadership of the company’s new business unit, Jane was serving as Chief Executive Officer of Yandex’s e-commerce payment service Yandex.Money, which she joined in 2005. Under Jane’s leadership Yandex.Money produced a major impact on the e-commerce industry of Russia; it became one of the strongest players on the country’s e-commerce market and one of the most recognized e-payment brands in this country. Prior to becoming head of Yandex.Money, Jane served as Chief Product Officer at Yandex, having joined the company in 2000. During her time in this role, she strongly contributed to the company’s business success and helped to take Yandex to the leading position on the internet market in Russia, where the company gained popularity not only because of the quality of its search, but also because of a wide range of web-based products and services it offered to users. Alongside her duties as CEO of Yandex Data Factory, Mrs Zavalishina remains on the board of directors of Yandex.Money.