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Jeff Gomez
Starlight Runner Entertainment
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Jeff Gomez

Company: Starlight Runner Entertainment
Title: CEO
Location: New York City

Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment, is a leading expert in the fields of brand narrative, story world development, creative franchise design, and transmedia storytelling. Jeff's pop culture work has impacted such blockbuster properties as Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, James Cameron's Avatar, Hasbro's Transformers, Sony Pictures'​ Spider-Man and Men in Black, Microsoft's Halo, and Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Jeff has also developed highly successful transmedia campaigns and participative brand narratives for Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory), Pepperidge Farm (Goldfish) and Spartan Race. Other current clients include Electronic Arts, Sesame Workshop, Disney Parks & Resorts, and World Vision Canada.

Jeff's proprietary transmedia methods have also been applied to educational and geo-political causes, accelerating positive self-organized social movements and increasing resistance to crime, violence, and corruption. Through applications of his Collective Journey and transmedia population activation models, Jeff has helped optimize communications for large NGOs, and address crises in Mexico, Colombia, Australia, and the Middle East North Africa region.