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Jeff Pulver
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Jeff Pulver

Company: Alchemist
Title: Vice Chairman
Location: Great Neck, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Finance
Twitter: jeffpulver

Jeff Pulver is someone who helped change the way the world communicates. He is known globally as someone who helped popularize the use of Voice over IP (voip) and as the co-founder of Vonage. Jeff joined Alchemist as Vice Chairman. Alchemist is a full-service blockchain investment banking and advisory services company, specializing in token sales, hedge funds, capital formation, and end-to-end product development of public blockchain applications. Alchemist has been founders, advisors or investors in over 25 ICOs with a total market cap of $83B. We have been behind preeminent projects such as Ethereum, tZERO, Lisk, Bancor and ZCash.