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Jenn Sander
Burning Man / Play Atelier
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Jenn Sander

Company: Burning Man / Play Atelier
Title: Global Initiative & Innovation
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Other
Twitter: jennsander

Jenn Sander is a Community Engagement Strategist with a passion for designing, building, and uniting international constituencies around technological innovation and physical space. She is Head of Global Initiatives at The Burning Man Project, which seeks to facilitate and extend the culture issued from the Burning Man event into the world. In addition, Jenn works on future city initiatives around urban prototyping, civic engagement, and trend forecasting with Re:Imagine Group. Jenn has over 7 years experience facilitating the go-to market strategy for start-ups and previously was Managing Director at the innovation consultancy RedRobin in east London.