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Joanna Shields
Government of the UK
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Joanna Shields

Company: Government of the UK
Title: Minister for Internet Safety and Security
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: joannashields

[Baroness Joanna Shields]( http://www.joannashields.com/) is a British/American technology industry veteran and parliamentarian currently serving as the United Kingdom’s [Minister for Internet Safety & Security]( https://www.gov.uk/government/people/baroness-shields) at the Home Office & the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.
Shields started working in digital technology in 1986 and has spent over 25 years between Silicon Valley & London working in the industry. She has been instrumental in helping to build some of the world's best-known technology companies including Electronics for Imaging, RealNetworks, Google, AoL and Facebook. Shields also led start-ups to successful acquisitions, including early social networking pioneer Bebo to AoL, the storage encryption company Decru to NetApp and interactive video developer Veon to Philips. She has served on several boards including the London Stock Exchange Group and Save the Children.
In 2012 while serving as Vice President & Managing Director at Facebook EMEA, Shields was asked by Prime Minister David Cameron to help build the UK’s digital economy as CEO & Chair of TechCityUK. She later became the Prime Minister’s Digital Advisor and served in that post until her appointment as a Government Minister following the 2015 general election.
During her tenure, Shields led the UK/US technology task force in the fight to combat online abuse and exploitation. She started WeProtect, a global alliance that now includes over 60 countries and law enforcement agencies, NGOs, civil society organisations and technology leaders aimed at developing technology solutions, national response systems and global cooperation to eradicate child abuse and exploitation from the internet and to bring perpetrators to justice.
Her current ministerial role extends to combating online extremism and fighting radicalisation and hate speech, as well as continuing the fight to curb online child abuse, exploitation and promoting safe, open access to the internet for everyone. For more details please see [www.joannashields.com](http://www.joannashields.com/).