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Joey Low
Star Farm Ventures
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Joey Low

Company: Star Farm Ventures
Title: Founder
Location: New York City, United States
Fields of operation: Investor, Digital, Technology

Joey Low was born and raised in New York City and studied at NYU. He's been actively investing in the stock market for the past 30 years. Throughout his work with [Israel at Heart](http://www.israelatheart.org/), which he founded 14 years ago, Joey continuously strives to promote a better understanding and appreciation for Israel and its people. In the hopes of impacting the world’s outlook on Israel, Israel at Heart sent more than 1,000 young Israeli college students to speak at university campuses worldwide, where they’ve shared their life stories, and expressed their personal opinions on issues ranging from politics to culture, revealing a side of Israeli life that the media rarely portrays. Joey also started the Ethiopian Israeli, Israel at Heart scholarship program at the IDC, Israel's largest private college, 12 years ago. There are over 45 Ethiopian Israelis studying there currently with over 100 graduates having completed their studies who are active members within the job market in Israel. He also began giving scholarships to African refugees at the IDC 7 years ago. There are 8 new students this year, with 20 having graduated already. Joey believes that business is yet another way to underscore the importance of Israeli intellect and creativity which is why he started [Star Farm Ventures](http://www.starfarmventures.com/), which invests exclusively in Israeli start ups. In encouraging and supporting Israeli startups as they begin their journeys abroad, he hopes to play a small role in showing the world the ever-growing role Israel plays in advancing our lives today. Joey has invested in about thirty Israeli start ups to date. A few of his investments: WeWork, Taboola, Optimove, EverCompliant, Feature.fm, Tunity, and Ubimo.