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Jon Michael Adinolfi
Stanley Black and Decker
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Jon Michael Adinolfi

Company: Stanley Black and Decker
Title: President

**1. What is your educational background?** I grew up in Connecticut and went to high school in North Haven, CT. After high school I started college at Southern Connecticut State University before transferring and graduating from the University of Connecticut, Storrs.
**2. Where in the world are you located?** New Britain, CT
**3. How long have you worked for Stanley Black & Decker? Have you had any previous titles/jobs within the company?** I have worked for Stanley for a total of seven years and prior to my current role I was CFO North America CDIY.
**4. How do you encourage innovative thinking within the organization?** I believe innovation is at the core of what we do. Regardless of the role I expect everyone to be thinking about how they can improve products, processes, execute and deliver customer satisfaction.
**5. What do you like most about working for Stanley Black & Decker?** I love working for an organization and business that sets the standard and continues to raise it each and every day. Ultimately, it is our team and culture of never being satisfied that creates opportunities for us to continue growing.
**6. Walk us through a typical day as President? What are routine tasks for your position at SBD? What are some other tasks you are required to do that aren’t day-to-day responsibilities?** There isn’t really a typical day for me in my role, but most days are a mix of working with associates on key projects, discussing product related development and launches, customer related opportunities and key project updates. An ideal day for me is one that is filled with robust product discussions, operation execution, and customer interaction. My major tasks are developing product and channel strategy, allocating resources, developing investment strategies and approvals.
**7. What’s your favorite thing to read? (Books, periodicals, newspapers, journals, magazines) Why?** Good to Great and Atlas Shrugged are my two favorite books. Good to Great is an excellent book that shows how successful strategies, hard work and leadership can make an impact on business. Atlas Shrugged is an excellent story about how the world benefits from continued pursuit of excellence. While The Economist is my favorite magazine for current events and the Harvard Business Review is a great source of business knowledge.
**8. What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?** I enjoy golf, wood working and investing.
**9. In three words describe your experience at SBD.** Truly Fulfilling Experience