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Jonathan Schipper
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Jonathan Schipper

Company: Gemsense
Title: Co-Founder, VP Products
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Fascinated with exploring the limits between body, tech and our surroundings, Jonathan is a hacker, breaker, maker and pioneer in the emerging world of wearable sensor technology. Co-founder and VP product at Gemsense which creates a tiny computer platform & tools that enables anyone to quickly and effectively create a broad range of wearable & IoT technologies, apps and experiences. Recently he co-headed a lab-course in Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design and helped create new experiences using body interfaces (wearables) for children with disabilities at the Ilanot school in Jerusalem. In his spare time, Jonathan leads "The Wearables" & "Wearable Tech Israel" communities organizing conferences, hackathons, meetups and workshops on wearables & IoT. An enthusiastic Google, open source and security advocate (not necessarily in that order)