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Judith Gerlach
Bavarian State Ministery for Digital Affairs
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Judith Gerlach

Company: Bavarian State Ministery for Digital Affairs
Title: Staatsministerin für Digitales
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Politics, Digital, Technology

Judith Gerlach was appointed Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs in November 2018. At age 33, the law-school graduate was the youngest-ever appointee as a Bavarian cabinet minister, having become the youngest member elected to the Bavarian State Parliament in 2013. As State Minister, she co-ordinates the digital measures taken by all ministries, developing a future strategy for Bavaria as a digital location. In the process, she aligns Bavaria’s policies in the most diverse spheres of digital – from cyber security via digital infrastructure up to and including initiatives in the areas of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Furthermore, Judith Gerlach has, in her first one hundred days as State Minister, placed special emphasis on promoting women in careers involving digital. One of her major concerns is entering into dialogue with citizens about ethical questions surrounding digitalisation.

Photo credit by: Jörg Koch / StMD