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Juergen Hopfgartner
MTV Networks
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Juergen Hopfgartner

Company: MTV Networks
Title: Vice President Digital Media & Network Development
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Media

Jürgen Hopfgartner is the Vice President of Digital Media & Network Development, MTV Networks North. As a member of the executive board, he is responsible for overseeing digital media and network development for a region that includes Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2009, Hopfgartner has also been a member of the Northern Europe management team and responsible for digital-media activities for MTV Networks Europe North. Previous to this, he was head of business development at Metaversum GmbH, where he was responsible for developing and marketing a social community site and a virtual online 3D world. Prior to that, he spent five years in Berlin and New York with the Boston Consulting Group.