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Juliane Zielonka
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Juliane Zielonka

Company: LARAcompanion
Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Life & Health

Juliane Zielonka is co-founder and CEO of [LARAcompanion](http://www.laracompanion.com), a mobile health program for overcoming infertility. The digital health entrepreneur is passionate on intelligent algorithms and connected health. She consults the Fraunhofer institutes on entrepreneurship and business modelling to identify new digital health business opportunities at an early stage phase. Juliane’s mission is the continuous development of digital products and services for best possible health outcome with clinical evidence. The Tedster has over 18 years of experience in development, marketing and sales of digital products and global branding strategy projects in ePublishing, eCommerce, ASEAN government. She studied German, English and Psychology (M.A.), holds a state-certified degree as a graphic designer focus digital and a diploma in marketing communications. She also worked as a senior IT Product Developer Online for platforms in finance and insurance. She strives for more entrepreneurship and Venture Capital within Berlin and Europe with her Silicon Valley Mindset and correspondent network. She’s also steering the Health 2.0 Berlin Chapter which has grown to 800+ health care innovators in the German capital.