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Jure Leskovec
Stanford University
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Jure Leskovec

Company: Stanford University
Title: Professor
Location: Stanford, CA, United States
Fields of operation: Education, Science
Twitter: jure

Jure Leskovec is an assistant professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. His research focuses on the mining and modeling of large social and information networks as the study of phenomena across the social, technological, and natural worlds. Problems he investigates are motivated by large scale data, the Web and online media. Jure holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as a master’s degree and Ph.D. in machine learning from the Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining Stanford, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University. Jure has authored the Stanford Network Analysis Platform, a general purpose network analysis and graph mining library that easily scales to massive networks with hundreds of millions of nodes, and billions of edges.