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Jyri Engestrom
Social Objects
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Jyri Engestrom

Company: Social Objects
Title: Angel investor
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Fields of operation: Other
Twitter: jyri

Jyri Engeström is the CEO of Aula Design, a consultancy working closely with Nokia and other leading companies on internet and mobile devices and applications. He is also Founder and Vice-Chairman of Aula Network, a nonprofit to advance the vision of a creative society. Jyri incubated start-ups at Tera Group, a venture capital partnership, and co-founded ShiftControl, an online recruiting company based on friend-to-friend referrals. Prior to that he worked as a Concept Designer at Satama Interactive, where he co-led the design of Nokia.com. Jyri is working on a Ph.D on innovation at the Management School at Lancaster University, UK. He holds a Master's degree in sociology from the University of Helsinki. He maintains a weblog at zengestrom.com.