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Kai-Fu Lee
Innovation Works
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Kai-Fu Lee

Company: Innovation Works
Title: Founder
Location: Beijing, China
Fields of operation: Other
Twitter: kaifulee

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee founded Innovation Works in September, 2009. Innovation Works is a business creation platform and investment company geared to create the next wave of Chinese high-tech companies and to mentor the next-generation of Chinese entrepreneurs. It is focused on Internet, Mobile Internet, and cloud computing. Innovation Works will make about 15 investments per year. Prior to starting Innovation Works, Dr. Lee was a Google Vice President and the President of Google Greater China. During his tenure at Google, Dr. Lee has built-up a 700-person organization with many successes. Under his leadership, Google China’s market share nearly doubled from 16.1% to 31.0%, reaching US$400 million revenue. His team launched several products that became #1 in China: Google map, mobile map, mobile search, and Google Translate. Prior to joining Google, Dr. Lee spent seven years at Microsoft. His last job was Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. His team developed several server products, and key technologies shipped in Office and Windows (such as speech, natural language, and assistance technologies). Before his promotion to VP, he founded Microsoft Research Asia, one of the world’s top research labs. MIT Technology Review calls this research lab “the hottest computer science laboratory.” From 1996 – 1998, Dr. Lee was Vice President and General Manager at SGI, where his team developed a $200 million line of web servers. He was also the President of Cosmo Software, which developed cross-platform 3D and multimedia software products. Before joining SGI, Dr. Lee spent six years at Apple, where he became the Vice President of its Interactive Media Group, one of the pioneering groups in multimedia in the world. This team developed QuickTime,QuickDraw 3D,QuickTime VR,and PlainTalk. Dr. Lee taught as an Assistant Professor from 1988-1990 at Carnegie Mellon, where he received his Ph.D.. His Ph.D. thesis was the world's first speaker-independent continuous speech-recognition system. This system was selected as the "Most Important Innovation of 1988" by Business Week. During this period, he also developed an Othello-playing program that won the world championship and also defeated the human champion. Dr. Lee is the author of four best-selling books in China, and has given speeches to about half a million students in China. Dr. Lee is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Vice Chairman of the Committee of 100, an elite group of Chinese Americans. He received an Honorary Doctorate from the City University of Hong Kong.