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Kaiser Franz Josef
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Kaiser Franz Josef

Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

Hold it! ... The Kaiser’s back! Make way for the new Rock nobility, an Austrian trio, who royally kick the ass of ageing rock tradition, sweep away the cobwebs, and offer us a fresh and modern approach all of their own.
After recently having reduced all stages to ashes as the widely acclaimed support act for AC/DC, this burning and relentless trio have shifted into top gear, returning to their native Vienna to hammer out their brand new album: “Make Rock Great Again“.

It’s 2017 and everywhere the world is being dealt a new hand of cards. That which has long been valid is outmoded and suddenly left behind today. Not only the United States, but also the whole wide world of rock is to be presented with a new leader. The stylistic heritage of Kaiser Franz Josef can be directly traced back through the lineage of great rock formations of the last five decades of music history: rock’n’roll, heavy rock, stoner rock and of course grunge – bands like Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Hellacopters or Soundgarden – they are the blood line. Drawing their inspiration from these regal origins, our Austrians have created for “Make Rock Great Again” a high-energy mix that hits you like a punch in the face, handmade, direct, and without frills or pretensions!

”Make Rock Great Again“ – The band, formed 2009, might seem somewhat conceited and boastful when choosing this as the title for their new album – but swag is indeed part and parcel of the divine right of kings! Here is the one great difference to most ‘would-be kings’ and pretenders to the throne: Sham (guitar, lead vocals), Tom (drums) and Pete (bass) can deliver what they promise: together, they will re-awaken the Kaiser and re-vitalise rock music, bringing with them a new golden era! Kaiser Franz Josef belong to a new generation of rock bands, one that consciously seeks selected inspiration from their heroes, whilst resisting the urge to take excursions into the past, wallow in nostalgia or reiterate that which has already been said. This attitude has served them well, earning them appearances at the Austrian Amadeus Awards, many TV performances, a slot at the prestigious Nova Rock Festival, as well as shows as the opener for The BossHoss, Daughtry and AC/DC, playing to more than 80,000 people. Kaiser Franz Josef deliver a powerful synthesis of the wide mixture of styles within hard rock bringing together the best of both worlds.

“We give the older fans what they need and introduce a younger generation to what they don’t know yet.“ Says front man/guitarist Sham. “In our opinion, nowadays there is a real shortage of good, authentic rock bands. A lot of what passes as rock today has little in common with real rock music! We take up at the point where the age of the last great rock bands came to an end. We want to make rock great again!“ Kaiser Franz Josef crank up their amps and have perfectly captured the raw and driving energy of one of their sweat-drenched live shows on “Make Rock Music Great Again“. Unwilling to dilute their biting, in-your-face sound with the superficial veneer of high gloss luxury recording studios, the band consequently recorded the whole record in their rehearsal room. Using homemade microphones for ‘realness’ and dirt, to create something rough, raw, and ready, but still a musical feast fit for the ears of a king! “Lo-Fi, dirty, and honest, rather than hollow glitter!“

You can really hear this in the monster riffs of “Believe“, the kick-ass ”Pinkenstein“, the funky anti-party anthem “Slaughterhouse“, or in the first single “Give It Up“, a song which at the first glance appears to be a love song, but on closer scrutiny reveals itself to be a biting critique on our misuse of our planet. “Our songs are about a certain attitude towards life. We try to avoid clichés and platitudes and talk about things that really matter to us.“ Sham continues, “Often we take a look at things going on in the world around us and how we behave towards one another. We certainly don’t intend to tell anyone how to live his or her life. Nevertheless these days there are certain uncomfortable truths and situations that should not be ignored.“

Near to the release date of “Make Rock Great Again“, Kaiser Franz Josef will be performing live at Rock am Ring/ Rock im Park and also Wacken Open Air Festival!