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Karsten Lemm
Business & Technology Writer
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Karsten Lemm

Company: Business & Technology Writer
Title: Business & Technology Writer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Journalist
Twitter: lemmk

Karsten is a business and technology writer in Berlin, covering the digital transformation in its many shapes and forms. As a Senior Editor with WIRED Germany Karsten wrote about a broad range of topics such as artificial intelligence, future of work, mobility, biotechnology and sustainable development. Before moving back to his native Germany in 2014, Karsten spent 16 years as a correspondent for Stern magazine in San Francisco. Living in California, Karsten got to meet Google when the company was still in beta, Jeff Bezos when Amazon was predicted to be a dot.bomb, and Tesla’s roadster when there were only two of them. Karsten holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and English Literature and occasionally likes to go all analogue by picking up something printed on paper. More at kalemm.com and on Twitter @lemmk.