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Kate Griggs
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Kate Griggs

Company: Untap.it
Title: Founder and CEO
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: kate_griggs

Kate Griggs is a British social entrepreneur, skilled in building successful collaborations that create positive disruption and bring about change. As founder and CEO of charity Xtraordinary People, she transformed dyslexia education in the UK and started a global shift in opinion. Now her sights are set on untapping the world’s most valuable resource, human potential, by creating an innovative digital business, Untap.it. A global ‘business for good’, Untap.it will disrupt the $trillion profiling, personal development and education markets and help millions of people worldwide to discover and develop their potential. Kate passionately believes that if we did everything we were capable of we would literally astound ourselves. Untap.it will launch in 2014 with Sir Richard Branson as Ambassadorial President.