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Kate McCurdy
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Kate McCurdy

Company: Babbel
Title: Computational Linguistics Engineer
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education

Kate McCurdy is the Applied Research Lead of the Computational Linguistics Engineering team at Babbel, the world’s market leading language learning app. In her role Kate is working on bringing innovations from language technology to inform the learning experience. She has a European Master in Clinical Linguistics, having studied a joint curriculum in clinical linguistics, neurolinguistics, and psycholinguistics across three European universities: University of Potsdam, Germany; University of Groningen, the Netherlands; University of Eastern Finland, Finland. She also carries a B.A. of Linguistics and Cultural Studies from McGill University and has been a research assistant at Harvard University. After her studies, she realized her love of language could coincide with her knack for data. An academic psycholinguist turned visualization aficionado, Kate keeps a foot in both worlds as a data wrangler for Babbel. She has presented at numerous linguistic research conferences, including the CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing in 2013 and Women in NLP in 2017.