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Kerstin Günther
Deutsche Telekom Pan Net
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Kerstin Günther

Company: Deutsche Telekom Pan Net
Title: Managing Director
Location: Bonn, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Kerstin Günther is an engineer in electronics with an MBA in finance. Since 2012 she is Senior Vice President Technology Europe, with responsibility for Technology, IT and the Technical Service in all 12 countries of Deutsche Telekom’s Europe Board area. In addition she has been appointed as Managing Director Deutsche Telekom Pan Net in April 2015. With Pan Net Deutsche Telekom introduces a revolutionary production model across the European entities. Kerstin joined the Deutsche Telekom Group in 1991 and since then held various management positions. She is member of the board of directors of several companies of the Deutsche Telekom group in Europe. She was Senior Vice President Planning Technology for Deutsche Telekom Germany, Senior Vice President Service and Demand Management at T-Home. She led the largest Technical Infrastructure Branch Office of T-Home and before that the Personal Service Centre of Deutsche Telekom. Before coming back to Germany Kerstin held the position of Senior Vice President Strategy and External Affairs at Slovak Telekom, Senior Vice President Wholesale at Magyar Telekom and Vice President Regulatory Affairs at Magyar Telekom in Hungary.