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Klaus Brinkbäumer
Der Spiegel
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Klaus Brinkbäumer

Company: Der Spiegel
Title: Editor in Chief
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Journalist
Twitter: brinkbaeumer

Klaus Brinkbäumer was born on January 27th, 1967 in Münster (Westphalia), Germany. After studying at the University of California in Santa Barbara, USA he began his journalistic career as an editor at Abendzeitung in Munich and continued to become head reporter at Berliner Kurier. After being a part of Focus magazine’s development editorial staff, Mr. Brinkbäumer joined DER SPIEGEL in 1993. He worked for the sports department, German and Foreign Desk, and the society section. In 2007 Mr. Brinkbäumer became the US- correspondent for DER SPIEGEL and worked for 4 years out of New York. In January 2011 he moved to Hamburg, Germany, to join the Editor-In-Chief’s staff as Text Editor and was promoted to the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief in September 2011. In January 2015 Klaus Brinkbäumer was appointed editor-in-chief of DER SPIEGEL. As such he is also publisher of SPIEGEL ONLINE. During his career Mr. Brinkbäumer was rewarded several prizes including the Egon-Erwin-Kisch prize. In addition, he wrote several books including „The dream of Life - an African Odyssey“.