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Kohei Nishiyama
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Kohei Nishiyama

Title: Chairman
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Fields of operation: Other

Kohei Nishiyama is founder of CUUSOO.com, an online user community that collects wishes from people. He matches most desired wishes to manufactures to make them come true. Since 1997, sixty wishes have been realized both in products and services. Currently 130,000 users, 3,000 designers and 500 manufactures participate in this platform. CUUSOO is used in universities as official curriculum and more than thousand students have benefited from this entrepreneurial educational experience. Kohei was a consultant at McKinsey & Company. He primarily handled new product development projects. He is recipient of Kuwasawa Design Award (2001) and Good Design Award(2001). He is also a member of the Innovators Network, Japan Society, Member of Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum and is a judge (New Frontier Category) on the Japanese government’s Good Design Award committee. He was chosen as most creative people in the world by Fast Company in 2009. He holds BA from the University of Tokyo and majored in product design at the Kuwasawa Design Institute. Prior to founding CUUSOO.com and elephant design