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Laurent Gil
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Laurent Gil

Company: Viewdle
Title: CEO
Location: san francisco, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Science

As CEO of Viewdle, Laurent leads the company's technology, marketing, business, and corporate development strategy. Prior to Viewdle, Laurent spent over five years in investment banking as a senior investment banker in corporate finance and capital markets at the French investment bank Credit Agricole. During his MBA at Wharton, Laurent helped establish a boutique investment bank in Brazil, which completed large transactions in the telecom sector in Latin America. He co-founded and served as CFO of TAHO, a wireless internet service provider in Rio de Janeiro, which raised U.S. $10M in 2001 to develop a broadband wireless internet network in Latin America. Before leaving Brazil, he co-created IdeaValley, the leading provider of electronic paper in Latin America. Most recently, Laurent spent two years in West Africa deploying wireless networks in high schools, for a non-profit organization he founded