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Lilach Bar David
Leumi Card Ltd.
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Lilach Bar David

Company: Leumi Card Ltd.
Title: Vice President, Business Development & Strategy
Location: Yehuda Halevi , Israel
Fields of operation: Finance

Lilach Bar David is VP of Business Development & Strategy at [Leumi Card Ltd](http://www.leumi.co.il/), serving as the organization’s innovation leader and long-term planner. Lilach leads a team focused on producing new opportunities to the organization, especially in the fields of payments and digital innovations.
Over the course of the last 13 years, Lilach served in several cross departments and key management positions in Leumi Card, with vast experience in the payments field. Specializing in digital strategy, IT, and projects management, she advocates innovation in the growing business of Leumi Card. Having collaborated with numerous Israeli startup companies, Lilach ensures that Leumi Card remains the technology leader in its domain.
Lilach is a Tel Aviv University graduate, holding an MBA in Business Management and bachelor's degrees in both Economics and Accounting.
The "Digital wallet" - An innovative Mobile application allowing payments, location based offers, redemption of loyalty program benefits, P2P money transfers, and the ability to order taxies, pay for parking and more.
The Digital Package for business - A value proposition (in collaboration with startups WIX and Rewardy) for SME business clients that offers various digital tools and services, thereby creating a digital presence and increasing traffic and sales.
NFC sticker - Launched a "pay wave" NFC sticker by Visa in collaboration with Israeli mobile operator "Pelephone" and an independent "Pay Pass" NFC sticker by MasterCard.
Yad2pay –Israel's largest second hand index site has launched an innovative P2P service with Leumi Card. Focusing on customers' exact needs during a second hand purchase, Leumi Card designed a unique user experience and added value to the product.