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Lions Head
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Lions Head

Title: Musician
Fields of operation: Entertainment

With his first single “Begging”, Lions Head aka Ignacio Uriarte already landed an unexpected success in summer 2015. His first release made it to the Top 60 in the German airplay charts, accumulated over two million streams on Spotify, and the music video for “Begging” received more than one million plays. Reason enough for German chart acts Joris and Milky Chance to take him on tour. Additionally, he played numerous festivals and plenty of club shows across the country.
Lions Head’s songs resemble ‘snapshots of life’, in which he instills life’s great topics in small anecdotes. You encounter your destiny only on paths you choose on your own volition. The native New Yorker followed this motto and left his hometown. After several band projects and a detour to Los Angeles, the creative globetrotter started to travel Europe, ultimately ending up in Munich after stopovers in London, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, Hamburg, and Berlin.
*Time is right, we’re far enough from home...*