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Lior Shalev
Algaemor - SP2
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Lior Shalev

Company: Algaemor - SP2
Title: CEO & Co-Founder
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Life & Health

Lior Shalev is one of Israel’s most passionate voices for transforming society through the combination of tech and social entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO of Infogan, a social web startup that links parents and preschools. In three years, Infogan has scaled to serve more than 10% of Israel’s preschool marketplace. He is on the board of a few additional startups that combine tech with social commitment in agriculture and medtech. Lior has more than 10 year track record of seeding and enabling social impact organizations in all sectors of Israeli society, starting with his founding role in Topaz, one of Israels biggest NGO’s in the social entrepenurship field. He is a board member of UNICEF-Israel and several other NGO’s focused on transforming society through social entrepreneurship. He is an active lecturer speaker of social entrepreneurship, giving recent talks at DLD TLV and the General Assembly of United Jewish Federations. Lior is a voice that is helping to turn the “startup nation” into the “give back” nation. His innovative work is focused in particular on childrens education and youth at risk. He is a hands-on social entrepreneur who is willing not only to roll up his sleeves and raise the money, but then build a self-sustaining program that is staffed, successful, and able to stand on its own. His organizing principle is to turn local society into a truly civil society in which people recognize their responsibilities towards one another in and empowering way.