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Lisa Ma
Self Employed
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Lisa Ma

Company: Self Employed
Title: Speculative Designer
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: fringejoyride

Lisa Ma socialises activism. Combining fringe communities, ethnographic research and speculative design, her unusual ‘platforms of engagement’ creates social events that can be seen as activism but function as services. From spas at cat ladies’s homes to tours by airport protesters, her stories with fringe communities emerge as ‘productive activism’ to counter the trivialization of reaction-based petitioning in 'clicktivism' & 'slacktivism'. Farmification, Lisa's a part-time farming policy which resulted when she went to live inside a Shenzhen joystick factory to immerse in the life of factory workers as ex-farmers, was undertaken by one of the largest iron industries suffering from demand shortages and created a wave of dialogue in the media. The emergent pattern results in a productive passive activism against the rapid advancement of China. Recently, Lisa founded a community in a vegetarian Belgian town called Naturtarians that chooses to eat to control invasive animals to opposed taxations for poisoning them. It inspired a documentary series currently filmed by Canvas Collection.