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Lorea Canales
Editorial Lalo Cura
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Lorea Canales

Company: Editorial Lalo Cura
Title: Author
Location: New York City, United States
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: loreac

Lorea Canales is part of a new generation of global writers. She is a novelist, journalist and lawyer from Mexico, who received the master in Law from Georgetown in 1995 and the Master of Fine Arts from New York University in 2010. Lorea has worked in antitrust and electorate law in Washington DC and Mexico, before joining Mexico City’s largest newspaper Reforma as a legal correspondent in 1997. Before moving to New York, covering 9/11, Lorea taught law at ITAM University in Mexico City. She has published in some of the most prestigious publications in Latin America including El Universal. From 2003-2006 Lorea edited for the New York Times Syndicate their Spanish language news service and worked for Felipe Calderon’s successful presidential campaign in Mexico in 2006. Loreas translation of Carol Ann Duffy's poems will be published this fall by Bajo la Luna. Her first novel, Apenas Marta, will be published this September by Random House.