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Lou Kerner
Flight VC
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Lou Kerner

Company: Flight VC
Title: Partner
Location: United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: loukerner

Lou is a Partner at [Flight VC](http://flight.vc/), a federation of 26 AngelList Syndicates. At Flight, Lou manages The Israeli Founders Syndicate, which invests in tech companies founded by Israelis. Lou’s Israeli investments include Via, IT Central Station, Phrasetech, Segmanta and Viewbix. Lou is also a Partner at the Barclay’s Fintech Accelerator in Tel Aviv, Powered by Techstars.
Lou is also the Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund, which invests in rapidly growing tech companies. The Fund’s investments include, FireEye (FEYE:NASDAQ), LiveRamp (acquired by Axciom), Yashi (acquired by NexStar), Optimal (acquired by Brand Networks) , Palantir, Scribd, and Meetup.
Lou was previously Wall Street’s first private company analyst at Wedbush Securities, where he was the Managing Director of the Private Shares Group. From 2003-2006 Lou was President of Bolt.com, a leading social network with over 20 million monthly uniques. From 2000-2002 Lou was the CEO of The .tv Corporation, an idealab company that licensed the top level domain (.tv) from the tiny island nation of Tuvalu. .tv was acquired by Verisign.
Prior to .tv, Lou had a distinguished career as an equity analyst following media companies for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Lou began his career at Bain & Company.
Lou is regularly quoted in tech related stories in the WSJ, NY Times and other business publications, in addition to his recurring appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.
Lou’s other activities include AIPAC, where he Co-Founded the first technology sub-group, Runway (a post doc accelerator at Cornell Tech), where he is an advisor, and Birthright Excel (a program that brings the brightest college students to Israel for summer internships), where he is also an advisor.
Lou has a B.A. from U.C.L.A. and an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.