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Lucian Tarnowski
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Lucian Tarnowski

Company: BraveNew
Title: Founder and CEO
Location: San Francisck, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education
Twitter: LucianT

Lucian is Founder and CEO of BraveNew.com, the Networked Improvement Community platform. BraveNew designs and powers online communities that connect multiple audiences in order to facilitate a social impact or change. Communities help break down the knowledge silos across stakeholder groups in order to create a ‘hive mind’ or ‘Digital Brain’. BraveNew ‘Communities of Purpose' enable Fortune 1000 clients such as Lockheed Martin, Mercer, GE, healthcare collaboratives such as Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Education reform efforts such as Education Reimagined to cooperate and collaborate around a shared purpose. Lucian lives with his wife in San Francisco.  He has been honoured as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum.  He has been an active attendee of Davos and other World Economic Forum meetings for many years. He has served on the Steering Board for the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Talent Mobility and has been Topic Champion for Education, Employment and Skills.  He continues to research and experiment around the social science behind scalable learning and communities and believes communities provide people both meaning and context in the increasingly complex world.  He is on a mission to help every professional community achieve their collective potential. Lucian is passionate about using technology and communities to disrupt the way people learn and has worked in vocational education from the age of 9.   In his spare time, he runs Take Heart India, a 53-year-old no overheads charity started by his father that provides blind and handicapped people in rural India with the vocational employment skills to required to get lifelong employment.  He is a Board member of Innovate Educate, a US Foundation that aims to bridge the skills gap with a demand driven approach to jobs.  He has spoken at gatherings such as Davos, various World Economic Forum meetings, TEDx, The China Digital Summit, Impact Summit and for companies such as Coca-Cola, Oracle, Pearson, IBM and PWC.  He speaks to audiences around the world about the convergence of talent and technology and its impact on the future of the global workforce and learning.