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Ludovic BODIN
Kalibrio Capital
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Ludovic BODIN

Company: Kalibrio Capital
Title: European Applied AI
Location: Beijing , China
Fields of operation: Finance

Ludovic BODIN is Managing Partner at Kalibrio Capital, overseeing the firm's business operations. He is currently working on setting up a new European Applied AI Fund (US$1B; Series B onwards; Applications of AI in health, Mobility, Environment, etc), with fast track access to China. Ludovic is Chair of the International Investment Committee for France AI Hub, President of FrenchTech in Beijing and China ambassador, and co-founder of the European Applied Ai hub, regrouping 7 countries and 10 European AI leading research and industrial organization, from France, Germany and the Nordics, pushing to build the European Applied AI scene, benefiting from Europe #1 position worldwide in AI research.

Ludovic received a Master degree from Rennes Business School in Britany, France and attended MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada.

Previously, Ludovic lived and worked in Latin America, focusing on investment in infrastructure and modernization of telco operators. He started and sold 2 companies in the internet and gaming industry, with Macau.com and Cmune. He is also actively engaged in early child education, and investor in Fun Academy, bringing the globally top ranked #1 early child education from Finland to China, an early child education organization that works to bring more life skills such as communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking, to kids through Fun Learning program.

Ludovic lives in Beijing, China with his wife and 2 daughters.