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Maayan Cohen
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Maayan Cohen

Company: EyeCanTouch
Title: Founder/Interaction Designer
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture
Twitter: maayanco

Maayan is a maker, interaction designer and the founder of EyeCanTouch, a gaming platform that enables children with motor and speech disabilities to play with tangible toys using their eyes only. She comes from a rich background of transmedia storytelling and physical computing. She is passionate about creating transformative user experiences that connect people and bridge between digital and physical worlds. She spent the past 12 years in Canada, hacking, designing and creating interactive projects while working with the country's top digital production houses. Maayan has worked in robotics, wearable tech and multitouch interfaces. She was named as one of Canada’s “10 to Watch” by Bell Global Media and has received a multiple awards for her work. Maayan has a BAA in Digital Media from Ryerson University and an MDes in Digital Futures from OCAD University in Toronto. When she is not hacking something, you’ll find her building castles in the sand with her two little boys.