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Mansour Abu Rashid
Amman Center for Peace and Development
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Mansour Abu Rashid

Company: Amman Center for Peace and Development
Title: Chairman
Location: Amman , Jordan
Fields of operation: Education

General Mansour was born In Amman, Jordan in 1946. He entered the Jordanian Military Academy of the Jordanian Armed Forces in 1965, where he trained to be an officer. In parallel, he also participated in specialized intelligence courses in Jordan and abroad.
While in the JAF, Mansour held the positions of Jordan’s Chief Delegate to the Joint Armistice Commission, Director of Jordan’s Military Intelligence department, Head of Information and Sources Branch, and Information Analyzing Officer. In these capacities, he received many awards for his outstanding service. Mansour also received bachelors in law.
As an inspiration to the legacy of the late King Hussein, immediately after the appointment of King Abdallah, Mansour was asked to establish a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting comprehensive peace and cooperation between Israel and Jordan. This led to the establishment of the Amman Center for Peace and Development (ACPD).
General Mansour is keen on helping enhance peace efforts and believes in the necessity of living in peace as peace education helps build mutual confidence between conflicting parties.